For thousands of years Varna has ruled the Nekrium from his Duskspire. After his beloved city and people were destroyed in the shadowy cataclysm that preceded the current age, rumors claim Varna went mad with grief and vowed revenge. Fragmented legends claim he helped to build the Solforge, and was the first to undergo the mysterious - and often fatal - ritual... becoming the first Forgeborn, and immortal king of the now undead city of Tarsus.


It is whispered that King Varna, leader of the Nekrium, has been alive since before the time of the SolForge itself, ruling the Nekrium from the shadowy recesses of his Duskspire — though perhaps "alive" is not the proper term. Little is known about the time before the great forge was built. There are those who say the world was once bathed in warmth and light and that life teemed on the surface of Solis rather than only in the Uterran caves deep underground.

Even those with close ties to Varna are left to wonder about the truth, and there are few closer to the Nekrium lord than Cercee, known as the King's hand. The title is more than a mere honorific. King Varna has been long free of the shackles of his physical form, though bits of his essence remain in the withered husk. To empower his closest lieutenants —and to watch over them— he has given them relics bound to him, but to Cercee, he granted far more. The title "Hand of Varna" refers as much to the king's hand grafted to her own forearm as it does her duties.


Level 1 stats prior to phase 1 of the rebalance.

  • Attack2/Health8


Preconstructed DecksEdit

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