Level 3: reSpawn at end of turn

Level 2 and 3: add "if it survives"

Level 3: less health (13/37?)

Poison on Forge 2/4/8, EOT Poison 1/2/4

Poison 3/4/5

Level 3: add "if it survives"

Level 3 and 4: seperate the ability to "damage to creature(s) at end of your turn, damage to enemy player at end of their turn"

Poison and buff 1/2/3 (from 1/2/4)

Move Breakthrough to the Upgrade

Level 4: add "discard your hand"


Level 2: level up ALL lvl1 cards
Level 3: level up ALL lvl2 or lower cards
Level3: level up lvl2 or lower card

Activate: look at hand, spawn a copy of that card

Level 2: Mobility 1
Level 3: Mobility 2

add "you have Armor equal to Ironbeard's Armor"

Mobility 1/1/2

Level 3: if Rank 4 or higher, Spawn a lvl2 Omega

draw a card, then discard and level up a card
discard and level up a card and get +1/2/3 or 3/6/9(start at 0) attack

Spiderling: while opposed by a Web, it has Mobility 1

Level 3: remove "this turn"

Level 2: add Flank

Level 1: 8 attack
Level 2: 12 attack

Level 2: Mobility 1

stats 5/10/20 and 120 at lvl3

health 2/4/6

buff gains health 1x 2x 3x

Level 3: into each available adjacent space

health gain 1/3/5

discard down to 2/3/4

In need of some love, unsure what exactly

Minor Adjustment

Level 2 and 3: put "up to"


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