There are four rarities of cards in Solforge: Common, Rare, Heroic and Legendary.

Unheroic is a popular format in SolForge in which a player can only construct a deck that consists of Common and Rare cards. Much like the Pauper format of Magic the Gathering, Unheroic in SolForge gives players a chance to competitively play cards they may not use regularly. Even the lowliest of commons might be a blow-out card in Unheroic! And that, in part, is why the format is so popular.

Another major reason this format is growing in popularity is because it levels the playing field considerably for everybody. Just by doing your free dailies and slowly adding to your collection, you should have enough cards to build a competitive deck. Whether a player has spent $100 or $0 in SolForge, each player has roughly the same card pool from which to build a deck. That makes this format exciting for newer players.

Unheroic DecksEdit


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