Storm Bringer has a complicated interaction with Poison effects, which has to do with the batch resolution of start of turn triggers. For Storm Bringer, only the move effect gets put into the start of turn batch, not the damage effect. The damage effect is put into a second batch after it is triggered by the movement. This design is what allows Storm Bringer to do damage when it is moved by other means such as Borean Windweaver or Blizzard Shaman. If a Storm Bringer begins the turn with Poison, both the move effect and the Poison will be put into the same batch. The Storm Bringer will move and take damage from the Poison. Once the batch is complete, a death check occurs. If the Storm Bringer has 0 or less health it dies and cannot trigger the damage effect. If it survives, the damage effect is put into the next batch of triggers. Similarly, a growth trigger from Emberwind Evoker cannot save a Storm Bringer from lethal Poison damage. Since the growth is triggered by movement, it would also happen in the second batch, after the Storm Bringer has already died.


Level 1 Stats prior to phase 1 of the rebalance.

  • Attack4/Health6

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