Korok is the youngest, and most reckless, Forgeborn. One of the few Asir that have mastered more than one element, Korok commands both flame and stone. His mastery of both elements helped him win the Tournament of Khans, uniting the Tempys under his leadership.


Korok, Khan of Kadras is part of the cycle of original Forgeborn from Set 2.


Korok was sent away from his people, the Earth clan of the Tempys, to study at the foot of the SolForge when he was very young. While those in his family always had a knack for shaping rock and stone – his older brother was an Asir, bonded fully with the Earth and able to shift forms as he willed – Korok’s ties to the elements manifested even more strongly.

Even as a boy, he was patient, and slow to anger. He was an obedient child, but in the rare moments when rage overcame him his eyes didn’t simply flash with anger – they were truly ablaze with flame. His family saw his gift, and sent him to study with the Elders even before he came of age as a man.

In his homeland, Korok had always heard tales of the other factions – how the Alloyin were cowards who hid inside their metal towers at any sign of danger, how the Nekrium were a blight upon the land who sought nothing but death for all others, and how the Uterra wasted their bestial strength growing flowers. But those of his Forgeborn brethren he encountered from the other factions were nothing like the stories he was told. They were strong, they were clever, and they sought to bring an end to the eternal darkness upon the land, just as his people did.

Korok returned from his training with hope in his heart, hoping to bring the knowledge he had learned of the other factions to his people.

But they would have none of it. The clans were led by a Khan from the Fire clan, Ignotus, who had no patience for words of peace, and sought to bring down the united fury of the Tempys upon their enemies. And he saw enemies wherever he looked.

The Forgeborn Elders had warned Korok of the path of destruction that lay before the factions if they could not overcome their differences and unite against the true enemy. With no other choice before him, he did what he knew he had to – volunteered himself as champion of his clan in the yearly tournament of Kadras.

The Tempys people respect strength above all else, and as such choose their leader from amongst themselves in a yearly ritual at the sacred grounds of Kadras. Each clan selects a champion, and the chosen ones ascend the peak of the great mountain at Kadras to do battle. In the end, only one returns.

Khan Ignotus had ruled for years, an eternity in the time of the Tempys people. He was reknowned as much for his cruelty as for his prowess. None – from any clan – had volunteered for the tournament at Kadras since his reign began. And yet Korok, barely more than a boy, stood forth and demanded that he be sent to the sacred grounds to climb the mountain.

None but those who make the climb see what happens at the summit. The victors never speak of it. So none but Korok know what truly happened that day, when he went up the peak to face perhaps the most fearsome warrior the Tempys clan had ever seen – and came down the Khan of Kadras.


Stats prior to the Set 5 release.

  • Attack4/Health6
  • Attack7/Health10
  • Attack12/Health15
  • Attack18/Health26

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