Iztek began his climb, one he had made many times in the past. Few could boast of making this trek, and even fewer still reached their destination. The icy winds of Arrachtor whipped fiercely as he climbed ever higher, his Asir markings glowing brightly as his mastery of both fire and ice made the cold less a nuisance and more the greeting of an old friend. However, today, something was different. There was an urgency in his stride, brought on by the rumors of something strange, something ... dark.

Iztek had never heard of anything like it. His youth was spent seeking strength, power, and glory for Arrachtor. All of these he found and more when he had discovered his unique ability among the Asir to wield not only fire, but ice as well. He was named Khan of Arrachtor and even traveled to Kadras to test his strength in the sacred tournament of Kadras. He met Korok there, and though he lost to the future Khan of Khans, their already legendary struggle revealed they shared at least one thing in common: they were the only Asir to share an affinity for multiple elements. He returned to Arrachtor amid swirling rumors of a new, deadly enemy: creatures forged from shadow, rising from the depths of Solis.

And so, he climbed.

He reached his destination, a cave unlike any other, one that he had sculpted for a specific…use. Molten pools greeted him, their bloody radiance illuminating massive pillars of ice wherever the heat could not hold them back. He looked around, the shadows clinging to something massive — and moving toward him. The shadow grew until he could see it clearly, a two-headed dragon of ice and fire. A dragon he raised from infancy. His friend, his ally…his champion in battle. Iztek smiled.

“It’s time, Valifrax.”



Level 1 stats prior to phase 1 of the rebalance.

  • Attack5/Health5

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