Aegis Conscript 1
Aegis Conscript
Aegis Pulse 1
Aegis Pulse
Aetherforge Oracle 1
Aetherforge Oracle
Defense Spire 1
Defense Spire
Electro Net 1
Electro Net
Forge Guardian Alpha 1
Forge Guardian Alpha
Forgeplate Sentry 1
Forgeplate Sentry
Ionic Warcharger 1
Ionic Warcharger
Ironbound Reinforcements 1
Ironbound Reinforcements
Jet Pack 1
Jet Pack
Matrix Warden 1
Matrix Warden
Metamind Explorer 1
Metamind Explorer
Metamind Operator 1
Metamind Operator
Metatransfer 1
Nexus Overwatch 1
Nexus Overwatch
Nexus Pilot 1
Nexus Pilot
Ordnance Captain 1
Ordnance Captain
Spiritforge Sentinel 1
Spiritforge Sentinel
Steelskin Spelunker 1
Steelskin Spelunker
Steelspark Tinkerer 1
Steelspark Tinkerer
Technognome 1
Technosmith 1
Tower Scout 1
Tower Scout
Vault Technician 1
Vault Technician
Aegis Wings 1
Aegis Wings
Armory Outpost 1
Armory Outpost
Batterbot 1
Cypien Augmentation 1
Cypien Augmentation
Cypien Infiltrator 1
Cypien Infiltrator
Forge Guardian Beta 1
Forge Guardian Beta
Metadata Redactor 1
Metadata Redactor
Munitions Drone 1
Munitions Drone
Nanoswarm 1
Onyxium Marauder 1
Onyxium Marauder
Palladium Hindermind 1
Palladium Hindermind
Palladium Pulsemage 1
Palladium Pulsemage
Phalanx Squadron 1
Phalanx Squadron
Pummel Pack 1
Pummel Pack
Stasis Indexer 1
Stasis Indexer
Steelwelder Medic 1
Steelwelder Medic
Tower Vanguard 1
Tower Vanguard
Alloyin Strategist 1
Alloyin Strategist
Anvillon Arbiter 1
Anvillon Arbiter
Automaton Prime 1
Automaton Prime
Bulwark Battalion 1
Bulwark Battalion
Cypien Experimentation 1
Cypien Experimentation
Energy Prison 1
Energy Prison
Esperian Scarab 1
Esperian Scarab
Forge Guardian Delta 1
Forge Guardian Delta
Forge Guardian Gamma 1
Forge Guardian Gamma
G.S.F. Commando 1
G.S.F. Commando
Guardians Assemble 1
Guardians Assemble
Leyline Sentry 1
Leyline Sentry
Onyxium Allomancer 1
Onyxium Allomancer
Oreian Justicar 1
Oreian Justicar
Repress 1
Scout Drone 1
Scout Drone
Scrapforge Titan 1
Scrapforge Titan
Sonic Pulse 1
Sonic Pulse
War Merchant 1
War Merchant
War Tinker 1
War Tinker
Wipe Clean 1
Wipe Clean


Abyssal Maw 1
Abyssal Maw
Bitterfrost Totem 1
Bitterfrost Totem
Blightskull Phantasm 1
Blightskull Phantasm
Bride of Frankenbaum 1
Bride of Frankenbaum
Corpse Crawler 1
Corpse Crawler
Corpulent Shambler 1
Corpulent Shambler
Crypt Slime 1
Crypt Slime
Death Seeker 1
Death Seeker
Dirge Banshee 1
Dirge Banshee
Fell Walker 1
Fell Walker
Festering Slime 1
Festering Slime
Gloomreaper Witch 1
Gloomreaper Witch
Graveborn Glutton 1
Graveborn Glutton
Perdition Guard 1
Perdition Guard
Rite of Undeath 1
Rite of Undeath
Rot Wanderer 1
Rot Wanderer
Ruthless Wanderers 1
Ruthless Wanderers
Scavenger Scorpion 1
Scavenger Scorpion
Scourge Knights 1
Scourge Knights
Sorrow Harvester 1
Sorrow Harvester
Spiritleash 1
Witherfrost Banshee 1
Witherfrost Banshee
Xithian Hulk 1
Xithian Hulk
Zombie Infantry 1
Zombie Infantry
Blight Walker 1
Blight Walker
Byzerak Drake 1
Byzerak Drake
Crypt Wail 1
Crypt Wail
Disciple of Vyric 1
Disciple of Vyric
Dr. Frankenbaum 1
Dr. Frankenbaum
Fell Strider 1
Fell Strider
Grave Pact 1
Grave Pact
Howl of Xith 1
Howl of Xith
Hungering Strike 1
Hungering Strike
Legion Titan 1
Legion Titan
Necroslime 1
Nether Decay 1
Nether Decay
Nyrali Ooze 1
Nyrali Ooze
Spectral Rider 1
Spectral Rider
Spirit Reaver 1
Spirit Reaver
Vigor Leech 1
Vigor Leech
Xithian Direhound 1
Xithian Direhound
Byzerak Frostmaiden 1
Byzerak Frostmaiden
Cacklebones 1
Ceaseless Grimgaunt 1
Ceaseless Grimgaunt
Cercee's Call 1
Cercee's Call
Contagion Lord 1
Contagion Lord
Darkfrost Reaper 1
Darkfrost Reaper
Death's Possession 1
Death's Possession
Dreadbolt 1
Epidemic 1
Fleshfiend 1
Grimgaunt Predator 1
Grimgaunt Predator
Indomitable Fiend 1
Indomitable Fiend
Leyline Demon 1
Leyline Demon
Necroplasm 1
Onyxium Phantasm 1
Onyxium Phantasm
Progeny of Xith 1
Progeny of Xith
Sigmund Fraud 1
Sigmund Fraud
Spite Hydra 1
Spite Hydra
Spitesower Acolyte 1
Spitesower Acolyte
Undying Legacy 1
Undying Legacy
Witherfrost Succubus 1
Witherfrost Succubus


Ashurian Mystic 1
Ashurian Mystic
Borean Stormweaver 1
Borean Stormweaver
Cinder Colossus 1
Cinder Colossus
Cinder Mystic 1
Cinder Mystic
Crag Walker 1
Crag Walker
Firemane Steed 1
Firemane Steed
Fit of Rage 1
Fit of Rage
Flame Jet 1
Flame Jet
Flamerift Instigator 1
Flamerift Instigator
Flowstone Primordial 1
Flowstone Primordial
Frostshatter Strike 1
Frostshatter Strike
Iceshard Berserker 1
Iceshard Berserker
Kadrasian Stoneback 1
Kadrasian Stoneback
Lightning Tamer 1
Lightning Tamer
Magma Hound 1
Magma Hound
Razortooth Stalker 1
Razortooth Stalker
Shatterbolt 1
Stampeding Mongosaur 1
Stampeding Mongosaur
Steam Sentinel 1
Steam Sentinel
Stonefist Giant 1
Stonefist Giant
Storm Caller 1
Storm Caller
Uranti Elementalist 1
Uranti Elementalist
Volcanic Giant 1
Volcanic Giant
Warbringer Uranti 1
Warbringer Uranti
Wind Primordial 1
Wind Primordial
Arc Wurm 1
Arc Wurm
Avalanche Guardian 1
Avalanche Guardian
Burnout 1
Chaos Twister 1
Chaos Twister
Cloudcleaver Titan 1
Cloudcleaver Titan
Dragonkeeper Shaman 1
Dragonkeeper Shaman
Flame Lance 1
Flame Lance
Flamestoke Shaman 1
Flamestoke Shaman
Pyre Mystic 1
Pyre Mystic
Sparkstone Elemental 1
Sparkstone Elemental
Sparktail Manticore 1
Sparktail Manticore
Stone Brand 1
Stone Brand
Umbruk Glider 1
Umbruk Glider
Uranti Bolt 1
Uranti Bolt
Warhound Raider 1
Warhound Raider
Windborn Hellion 1
Windborn Hellion
Zephyr Mage 1
Zephyr Mage
Blazing Hostility 1
Blazing Hostility
Borean Mystic 1
Borean Mystic
Borean Windweaver 1
Borean Windweaver
Byzerak Spitemage 1
Byzerak Spitemage
Cauldron Mystic 1
Cauldron Mystic
Cyclone Rider 1
Cyclone Rider
Emberwind Evoker 1
Emberwind Evoker
Firestorm 1
Frostfang Maiden 1
Frostfang Maiden
Hammerfang 1
Leyline Tyrant 1
Leyline Tyrant
Master of Elements 1
Master of Elements
Ritual of the Elements 1
Ritual of the Elements
Sparkweaver Acolyte 1
Sparkweaver Acolyte
Trial by Combat 1
Trial by Combat
Turnabout 1
Umbruk Icecrusher 1
Umbruk Icecrusher
Unstable Asir 1
Unstable Asir
Uranti Heartseeker 1
Uranti Heartseeker
Uranti Stormshaper 1
Uranti Stormshaper
Wildfire Maiden 1
Wildfire Maiden


Brighttusk Sower 1
Brighttusk Sower
Chistlehearth Hunter 1
Chistlehearth Hunter
Deepwood Bear Rider 1
Deepwood Bear Rider
Ether Wolves 1
Ether Wolves
Fangwood Bear 1
Fangwood Bear
Glowhive Siren 1
Glowhive Siren
Glowstride Stag 1
Glowstride Stag
Grapplevine 1
Grove Huntress 1
Grove Huntress
Grove Matriarch 1
Grove Matriarch
Lysian Rain 1
Lysian Rain
Roaming Warclaw 1
Roaming Warclaw
Scatterspore Tiller 1
Scatterspore Tiller
Spiritbloom Dryad 1
Spiritbloom Dryad
Stag of Lys 1
Stag of Lys
Stouthide Stegadon 1
Stouthide Stegadon
Swampmoss Lurker 1
Swampmoss Lurker
Tanglesprout 1
Tigrin Nomad 1
Tigrin Nomad
Ursine Strength 1
Ursine Strength
Uterradon Mauler 1
Uterradon Mauler
Verdant Grace 1
Verdant Grace
Verdant Sphere 1
Verdant Sphere
Weirwood Ranger 1
Weirwood Ranger
Brambleaxe Warrior 1
Brambleaxe Warrior
Chistlehearth Archer 1
Chistlehearth Archer
Dendrify 1
Dissolve 1
Esperian Wartusk 1
Esperian Wartusk
Harbinger of Spring 1
Harbinger of Spring
Hive Empress 1
Hive Empress
Oxidon Spitter 1
Oxidon Spitter
Poisoncoil 1
Shardplate Delver 1
Shardplate Delver
Shimmerfang Serpent 1
Shimmerfang Serpent
Tangle 1
Torrent Soldier 1
Torrent Soldier
Tuskin Grovekeeper 1
Tuskin Grovekeeper
Venomdrinker 1
Venomfang 1
Victory Rush 1
Victory Rush
Aetherphage 1
Bottomless Puncture 1
Bottomless Puncture
Demara's Pitguard 1
Demara's Pitguard
Esperian Steelplate 1
Esperian Steelplate
Ferocious Roar 1
Ferocious Roar
Frostwild Tracker 1
Frostwild Tracker
Killer Bee 1
Killer Bee
Leyline Golem 1
Leyline Golem
Leyline Vermin 1
Leyline Vermin
Lightbringer Council 1
Lightbringer Council
Phytobomb 1
Relentless Wanderers 1
Relentless Wanderers
Restless Wanderers 1
Restless Wanderers
Runebark Guardian 1
Runebark Guardian
Shardplate Graft 1
Shardplate Graft
Soothsayer Hermit 1
Soothsayer Hermit
Stygian Lotus 1
Stygian Lotus
Umbruk Lasher 1
Umbruk Lasher
Venomous Netherscale 1
Venomous Netherscale
Wegu's Embrace 1
Wegu's Embrace
Weirwood Patriarch 1
Weirwood Patriarch

Game Information
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