If Cindersmoke Wyvern's attack changes when it moves into a lane, the amount of damage it deals will depend on the source of the +attack effect. If the +attack is from a static effect, the attack increase will happen instantaneously and the damage dealt will include the +attack. For example, if a level 1 Cindersmoke Wyvern moves into a lane that is a adjacent to a level 1 Alloyin Strategist, it will get +2 attack and deal a total of five damage to the target. The results for triggered effects may be different. For example, if there is an Emberwind Evoker on the field and Cindersmoke Wyvern moves, both abilities are triggered simultaneously. A batch is created containing both effects and the order of resolution is chosen randomly. If the damage trigger resolves first, Cindersmoke Wyvern will only deal damage based on its base stats. If the growth trigger resolves first, Wyvern's attack will increase then deal damage based on its new attack value.


Creature type prior to the Set 6 release was Wyvern.

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