The Raid trigger for Blitzmane is an end-of-turn ability and will resolve in the same batch as other end of turn abilities. Since the order of resolution is random, the results are sometimes unpredictable. For example, if a Level 3 Lorus, the Unrivaled and a Blitzmane both trigger Raid on the same turn, Blitzmane will sometimes get the Lorus buff before dealing damage and sometimes after. If Blitzmane was put into play with Dragonwake and Raid was achieved, the damage trigger and the destruction trigger both get put into the same end-of-turn batch. If the destruction trigger resolves first, Blitzmane will not deal the damage from its Raid trigger.

Interaction with effects that last until the end of turn work differently. These types of effects don't wear off until after the end-of-turn batch has fully resolved. If Blitzmane's attack is buffed by a Patron of Kadras or Fit of Rage during a Raid turn, it will deal damage equal to its temporarily buffed attack value. After the Raid trigger resolves, its attack will be set to its base value.

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