Ariadne was mortal once. An Uterran Druid who often explored the myriad tunnels beneath Nekrium Lands — for one reason or another, she can no longer remember. She would never forget, however, that fateful day that led to her…rebirth. While exploring a particularly vibrant section of tunnels, she was attacked. Not by the Nekrium, but by a twisted image of one of her own, a Darkforged.

By pure chance, Varna happened upon Ariadne as she clung to life and he saw the Queen he once loved in her beauty. Varna called upon all of his power to breathe new life into Ariadne, reviving her as a Spider Demon. With her new form came great power, granted by the Immortal King. Ariadne became Queen of the Spiders, able to spawn Spiderlings and drain power from those they cocooned. Ariadne now makes her residence below the Duskspire, devouring all who threaten her lord and her new people. She thirsts for vengeance against those that ended her mortal life.

“I hunger… for Darkforged.”


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