Ambriel Archangel can prevent damage from attacking creatures as well as direct damage from spells and Poison. However, when preventing damage from creatures the lane placement of the attacking creature can have an impact. During battle, damage occurs from left to right. The leftmost creature deals its damage first followed by the next to the right and so on. If a creature with a damage trigger ( Ashurian Mystic , for example) were the leftmost creature, its damage would be fully prevented by Ambriel Archangel, and its ability would not trigger. However, if there is another creature to the left of Ashurian Mystic, that creature's damage would be prevented first by Ambriel Archangel. If the sum of the two creature's damage then exceed's the value of the
A creature with Armor X prevents the first X damage dealt to it each turn.
Armor Armor
, Ashurian Mystic would deal damage and its ability would trigger.

Preconstructed DeckEdit

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